We are an LA-based, limited edition, handcrafted, wearable expression of you. Our charms, stones, gems, and beads tell the story of the people who wear them: women, mothers, lovers, friends, wives, workers, warriors. Layer-able, casual, dressy, and each with a unique story to tell—we are you. You are here.




My name is Sheela Hadim and I’m the artist and designer behind Shatra. Each of my handcrafted pieces is borne of a life-long passion for design, expression, and personal growth. Being a second-generation jeweler, I grew up in a home where my father created beautiful, quality pieces using only the finest diamonds, stones, gold, and chains. Watching him work was my greatest joy.


Inspired by his craft, I forged my own path as an artist and jeweler—creating a line of wearable art, all my own. Today, I’m honored to have built Shatra, a name that comes from my two beautiful and spirited daughters: Shaya and Autra. Each one-of-a-kind piece is handcrafted from local artisan beads, leather, brass, gold, silver, minerals, diamonds, gemstones, and natural materials. Each piece is designed to tell the story of the person who wears it. We are a form of personal expression—highlighting individual strengths, passions, desires and style. Everyone, male-female, young and old can find themselves in Shatra—and to me, that is the greatest reward.